Virtua-On! Write-a-thon

THe Hermit

The Hermit from the Pier Six Tarot Project. Cade Guillory & artwork © A.K. Cyrway.

I really need to get myself a PAL converter so that I can play that game.  My little bro got me the game a long time ago for the Sega Saturn, unbeknownst that it was in fact the PAL version.

I signed up for the ClarionWest’a Write-a-thon, with the goal of 500 words a weeknight, one thousand words on the weekend days, in hopes to finish a prequel to Sin’s Tethers, as an introduction to two of the major players. Eventually, when my user page is up, I’ll link it up to this blog. Part of the Write-a-thon is also a fundraiser, as Clarion is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organisation. Patrons may sponsor writers towards their goal.

The Write-a-thon officially starts tomorrow; I’ll be keeping everyone posted, with more information posted tomorrow.



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