“Ah…fresh meat!”

Butcher's Room

© Blizzard Entertainment. Used without permission.

Back in, oh, 1999, I was playing this game, Diablo, an overhead dungeon crawler that was a bit bloody violent for its day.

So picture this: I’m on a second-hand computer which I bought off of my then-best bro-now-husband, with a 13″ VGA monitor, past midnight on a work night (when you’re 21, you still have that type of stamina) and the speakers are cranked. You come across a room in the middle of the dungeon, you open it up, and you see the picture to the left. And that’s not the worst of it, because this huge demon comes at you with a meat cleaver and shouts, “Ah, fresh meat!”

And proceeded to filet you six ways till Doomsday.

That seriously freaked me out. Moreso than Daggerfall did (which, by the way, even with the advances of Skyrim, I’m no longer surprised by enemies sneaking up on me. With Daggerfall, there’s no bar warning of enemies, nor does the controller vibrate whenever a dragon approaches, but I digress) two years prior, and never again until Sadako climbed out of the television set two years later. (The American version of The Ring, I found, was boring. Ringu , which I watched afterwards, unnerved me, to the point where my television was facing the wall for eight days [to account for travelling the international date line, I suppose.])

But ultimately, the whole point of mentioning Diablo (other than posting the Butcher’s Lair) is because I finally got to make my barbarian Leela (although I wanted to add “of Servateem, but it wouldn’t let me add spaces.) Afterwards, I installed Diablo II onto Metatron, but haven’t played it yet.

Because I’m setting up an operating room of my own, at least in the virtual sense. Thanks to the awesomeness of Google Docs/Drive, Jenny and I are able to work on the same document, at the same time, with a chat window for a scratch pad. On top of going back and forth with The Doctor (Dylan, that is–and if anyone’s to blame for my Doctor Who revival, it’s his fault. COMPLETELY. And he’s loving it) for plausible issues.

So no rejection letter today–I just wanted to prove that I’m still alive and working, at least on writing.



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