“His voice really does go all squeaky when he panics!”

Doctor Who © BBC. Whoever added the caption was a bloody genius. Or drunk. Either way, I can’t take credit for it, other than yoinking it off of a friend’s Facebook page.

Last night, after finishing off the latest Sherlock on Masterpiece, I decided to throw all caution into the wind, not wait for Logopolis, and just watch one of the Davison-era episodes of Doctor Who. Two things are certain: 1.) I still don’t like Adric, as much as I try to convince myself that he may be a British, er. Alzarian, brother of the Winchesters, and 2.) for as much as I don’t like Adric, (and Martha, as stated in previous posts,) Tegan is worse. But Nyssa isn’t bad at all — in fact, I’m really liking her. It just seems a little crowded with three companions. (Although I really didn’t mind it when Jackie and Mickey were with Rose and the Doctor. Those were fun because there was dynamics that went further than just travelling together. And when we throw Captain Jack into the mix…but I digress.)

We received another form rejection letter today:

Dear Author,

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to read your submission.  We appreciate you considering us for representation of your project.

Unfortunately, after careful review, we have decided that the [insert agency name here] might not be the right agency for your work.  This industry is incredibly subjective, and there are many agencies out there with many different tastes.  It is for this reason that we strongly encourage you to keep submitting elsewhere, in the hopes of finding an agent who will be an enthusiastic champion for you and your work.

We apologize for the form letter reply, but the volume of submissions we receive has finally made it impossible for us to personalize responses as [insert agency name here]  had for many years.  We hope you will understand and forgive us this necessary efficiency.  In addition, we do not feel it is appropriate to provide detailed editorial feedback on projects we have decided not to represent.

We wish you all the very best of luck and success with your writing.


[Insert Agency Name Here]

In other news, mead is very nice. And I checked my Netlfix queue. Logopolis is next. There is a heavy sadness in my heart. For the end of the Tom Baker episodes available. And I’m out of mead. But I digress.


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