“No time for love, Doctor Jones!”

The Hanged Man from the Pier Six Tarot ProjectMy quote for Series 3. Which, by the way, is actually a quote from Clerks, which in turn is truncated from the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: “This no time for love, Doctor Jones!” But I digress.

Actually, this is all about rejection. We received our first rejection letter yesterday:

Dear Author,

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to consider your query letter – thanks for sending it.

Alas, the query wasn’t quite intriguing enough to inspire me to offer representation or further consideration of your project. I have read your query letter myself; I wish I had time enough to respond to everyone personally and with constructive criticism, but it would be overwhelming, hence this form response.

This business is highly subjective; many people whose work I haven’t connected with have gone on to critical and commercial success.  So, keep trying!

I am grateful that you have afforded me this opportunity to find out about you and your project, and wish you the best of success with your current and future creative work.

All best wishes,

(Name withheld)

There’s still five more out there. I’m probably going to look at the query letter again and see what could be spiced up a bit for the next round of submissions.


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