Fridge Logic: The House of Leaves is a dying, malfunctioning, insane TARDIS

It's bigger on the inside...

The House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. Image from Wikipedia.

Thursday was…interesting. I was nearly done Slaughterhouse Five  by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (not so much a science-fiction book, I felt, than a call to consider post-traumatic stress disorder as a serious condition which shouldn’t be swept under the rug) and had walked into Hannaford’s, (a chain grocery store, for those whom are not familiar with the Northeast) and, sitting on the top of the book donation box for the United Way, was a near-mint, full-colour edition of House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski (brother of alternative rock siren Poe).

Without going into too much detail, it’s about a house which is bigger on the inside by 5/16″. Hallways appear, walls grow larger, and the owners of the house, along with the writer Zamparō, Johnny, the kid whom stumbled on Zamparō’s manuscript, and the readers of the book are dragged down into a labyrinth of madness.

So it goes.

I’m about an eighth of the way through. Navidson went through the hallway and is exploring the blackness for the first time. And I’m reluctant to put it down, but I need to finish A Song of Ice and Fire before the 10th, when it’s due back to the library; due to the waiting list, I may not be able to renew it. But I digress. 1

Today I’m working on the website; this afternoon, we’ll be working on submissions. From there, it’s free game. Although it looks as though we’re going to need to pick up another wine kit soon (I’m looking at Johannesburg Riesling; I think Brian’s wanting another red. My idea for a label for the Jo’burg Riesling would involve an alien from District 9 sitting at an overturned box with a can of catfood and a bottle of wine atop of it. Brian reminded me that I was thinking the wrong Johannesburg.)

Tomorrow I may try to sneak some time to see The Avengers2 in the afternoon. Flagship lets one see movies for free on one’s birthday. I’ll be 34, I think. Not that it’s a big deal.

Back to work, then!

1As I had told a friend of mine, my impressionable youth coupled with ADHD had been ravaged by Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs, which leads me into strange tangents and digressions which will eventually return to the point. But I digress.
2Because the House of Stark is not complete without Tony.


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