Not even the adorable pair with the grey kitty print.

Well, I’m doing something productive whilst I wait for my jeans to dry. I swear, I’m better organised when it comes to my jeans, but it seems as though one working pair took a walk, leaving me with my Amazingly Shabby Pair That Need To Be Put Out To Pasture And Shot But I Won’t Because They’re The Comfy Lounge Around The House And Do Yard Work Jeans. That and the grey kitty print pyjama bottoms, but I don’t do People Of Wal*Mart.

Cal in BedMethuselah himself is not dead. That’s a relief. Robert of RE-BOOKS , the gentleman whom gave me Methuselah in the first place, was an angel and allowed me the loan of his power cord. I’m hoping I can find one inexpensively around town–only begrudgingly hitting eBay if I must–in the very near future. I love that clunky laptop. So today I’ll be working on polishing up a cover letter; with the exception of one blurb I’m waiting on, the query letter is completed, the synopses (Five paragraph, two page, four page and eight page) are completed, and of course, manuscript is completed. I think I’ve got the author bio pretty much polished up as much as it’s going to get.

Artwise, I’ve been on a roll for Paradice Games. Got four pieces finished this week — a bit of a record for me, and two of them were put on hold for a bit due to moving/unpacking/settling in/book writing crunch. Broke out my markers, too — they missed me just as much as I missed them. They give more of an illustrator feel, but it works out, methinks. This weekend I might get some art for myself done; the Members’ Show for Waterville Area Art Society is coming up, and I’d like to have one new piece in for that.

And there’s the dryer alarm. Time to face the day!


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