“‘Breach hull, all will die’…even had an underline.”

...or not...

Silly Fanart of Ixidor and Mishra. Characters © Wizards of the Coast. Silly Art by me. Only here because I wanted some art up.

(Above quote from Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie.)

So,Law of Nines was…disappointing. It was a great start, very smooth, kept my attention…until Bethany dies. And I continued wading through thinnly-veiled social critism and parallels to current events for another hundred pages before I decided to return it to the library.I guess one doesn’t notice the themes so much in the high fantasy novels. My next book on the list: Hounded by Kevin Hearne. But first, work!

Today on MPBN radio, there was a great interview onMaine Calling featuring Maine Women Write. (Their Facebook page may be found here.) Very informative, especially for the caller inquiring on the best way to publish his mother’s manuscripts. He had inquired about self-publishing, and one of the ladies (I believe it was the softer-spoken one) explained that the plus side of self-publishing is one has 100% of the control. This can also be a downside: you also have 100% of the responsibility for marketing it. This stuck with me as I’m going through the 2012 Writer’s Market. I’m updating our list to include publishers as well as agents, and making notes to what everyone wants for submissions (Query only; query and manuscript; cover letter and manuscript; query, bio, and  first born son; et cetera).

On Sautrday, we’ll be working on “packets” to send to the agents first. The blanket project will get its own Google account so to keep everything separate from any other solo projects we’re doing, and working on the co-author agreement.  In the interim between now and then, I’ll be researching if it is best to copyright the work. Saturday is Zero Time, and we don’t know where we will be. Most likely in The Studio, since that’s the only place where we have an internet-and-word-processor-capable computer. (We could take Methuselah the Powerbook 1400cs and the PSP, but they don’t connect very well. In fact, I don’t even know if there’s from the same planet. But I digress. We could also work at the library, too, until they kick us out for random spurts of “Hey–who turned out the lights?”.)

Tonight, however, I owe Jenny a birthday dinner. Maybe we’ll do work as well–second book planning, most likely. And if we go to our usual place, I can look forward to a fabulous house cab and amazing customer service. Seriously, the last time we went there, it was pretty much for coffee and dessert, and they knew exactly what we needed — full table, near an outlet. But I digress.




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