This Space Intentionally Left Blank.

I love the library. I really love the library. Especially our library here in Waterville. It’s convenient, with access to any other Maine library for interlibrary loans, and the employees are great during closing when we run through the darkened stacks and call out in a twisted game of Marco Polo: “Hey–who turned out the lights?”

If you get the reference, you’re awesome.

We don’t always do that. Only on the fourth Thursday of the month, after writer’s group.

Speaking of which, our next meeting, tomorrow night (which will be Thursday), will be featuring a discussion on outlines. Are outlines useful? How does one approach them? Sometimes it’s an itemised list, or how about something closer to a scene synopsis? It should be a fun brainstorm.

And perhaps, we’ll find out why the library is so silent after we leave….


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