As above, so below…

asbeel design conceptWell, here it goes: a blog. Yes, I have entered the blogosphere, a little late but better than never. As a techie, I tend to wait until the bugs are worked out before I dive into these types of depths. Ultimately, this blog is intended to be my documentation on adventures in publishing as a first-time author. I hope that any mistakes I make along the way can be a learning experience; I hope any successes would be viewed as something similar.

A little about myself: I am a writer, a researcher, a science junkie, an observer or human nature. I read science, science fiction, fantasy and crime. I am an artist, focusing on anything I can get my hands on, from traditional media to digital. And I am a gamer, and am unashamed by this declaration.

A little about my writing: Since 2001, my best friend of 20 years and I’ve been working on a fictional universe, initially revolving around werewolves, vampires, fae and angels — similar to  every other urban fantasy published in the last decade. In the past couple of years, the timeline and bestiary metamorphosed, shrunk and expanded, leaving only a mutated  variation of the angels remaining. This evolution may not be final, but we stand on solid ground as stories are concerned, a contrast to what we’ve seen in the past years.

A little about my art: Originally, we had considered this expansive idea to be a graphic novel. Even though we both considered ourselves to be artists, we both lacked the know-how to undertake such an effort. We had character builds, design concepts, and every little detail figured out; we just didn’t have the  understanding in what goes into such a project. After a few years of floundering, we scrapped the graphic novel concept and moved into a straight novel.

After four major revisions — including the removal of what had been an important plot device in the beginning, but waned considerably as time went on and our writing, creativity and research skills matured — we are now searching for both publishers and agents. Currently, we’re making a spreadsheet of potential agents and publishers not requiring agents, including email and–

–a digression, as I’m most famous for in real life, and, as a side note, yes, I am a William S. Burroughs fan, although that doesn’t slip into my actual fiction as it does my own life, but I digress  — I am having a sense of deja vu, as though I’ve typed these words before. Or perhaps it is not so much a sense of deja vu as it is a glimpse into a future point at a past juncture in my journey as a writer. Now, where was I?

Yes. The spreadsheet. There are  email, webs  and post addresses,  contact names, dates we had submitted and if we had heard back from them within the time limit allotted by information on the agency’s website. We are also revising a cover letter with basic synopsis, with an expanded synopsis in the works. Eventually, I’ll be posting results, failures, cries for help, shouts of profanity-laden frustration, and oftentimes inane ramblings of a madwoman. And perhaps some pretty pictures, whilst I’m at it.


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